Wednesday, 26 August 2015


On the UPside …
Recently, I wrote about being aware of the CROCs. Well, despite what they say about increased numbers, I haven’t seen any four-legged reptile variety up here in the tropics yet;  nor have I met the two legged ones either … although I’m sure both are lurking somewhere in the shadows, so I remain acutely aware and ready for positive action. 

Speaking of positive action … I thought it timely to write again on my favourite topic - leadership. Those who know me, know I’m passionate about leadership development; in fact, truth is: ‘I live and breathe it … observe, speak and write about it … have based my accreditations, consulting and coaching business on it.

So WHY focus on leadership?  Because I strongly believe we need more leaders – REAL leaders made of the right stuff stepping up into leadership positions with the right intent and purpose … with personal integrity and drive to make a difference in their communities. 

We need leaders who are not afraid of change … leaders who do more than just ‘seat-warming duties’ … leaders who are not driven by self-interest, building their own ego, or fuelled by positional power. Those who stick their head in the sand, or hide in their office -sneaking in and out of back doors, or play divide and conquer games to ensure deals go their way … are not leaders, they are in fact – imposters; the wrong people sitting in positions that would be far better served by having REAL leaders in those chairs.

Frankly, the world is crying out for REAL leaders who are not afraid to dismantle the sacred and entrenched beliefs, which hold communities back as prisoners of the past. Is your community in urgent need of some REAL leadership injection?

What about those who ARE standing up for what is right; those few who are demonstrating strong, ethical leadership behaviours? It can be a lonely branch to walk along and to remain standing tall while others spray poison on the roots. As a community, are you getting behind the brave movers and shakers, the visionary ones, the pro-active leaders … and helping them to rid your community of the imposters – especially those self-interested, power trippers.

Yes - from personal observation across quite a number of communities, I do believe you have some of what I’m describing … and, yes - you can help to make the changes that are needed in your community.

How? For starters … stop accepting mediocrity or less than average behaviours from those sitting in leadership roles. Demand REAL leadership behaviour. Take the time to become more situationally aware of what is REALLY going on in your community. Not through town gossip or glossed-over communications … from the facts, the history, the outcomes, the observable behaviour that paints a really clear picture. 

You see, leadership is not a position … it is not a noun- it is a verb used to describe a set of attitudes, behaviour choices, observable actions and outcomes.
A good point to remember:  People can’t talk their way out of poor outcomes or problems, they behaved their way into.  Behaviours speak the loudest … and they own their behaviour choices.

I urge you to become more actively interested in what it takes to be a good leader.  Focus on the desirable leadership strengths, engaging behaviours, and good-for-the-greater-good thinking, you need in your community to move forward … onwards and upwards.

Perhaps take a leadership course … step up and take the opportunity to participate in community leadership programs.  Many of these programs are heavily funded by government backed agencies … for very good reason –

Choose to live life on the upside … it’s no good complaining about the status quo of leadership strength in your community, unless you are willing to be part of the solution. BE the change you want to see in others … or at least, actively support those who are standing out on that limb, trying to lead positive change.

PS: Follow this blog page to find out about new Leadership Development programs that will be rolling out soon ... much of the content will be online and very accessible. 

Jilinda Lee
Change Champion / Leadership Coach
[Also published in 'THE BRIDGE' Newspaper - 27 Aug 2015 edition]

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