Monday, 27 June 2016


OMG!  I have just realised that it is almost six months since I wrote a blog!  My last one was a ‘Happy New Year’ post, with a somewhat challenging message to fellow bloggers of my frustration about their use of prescribed, numbered steps on how to have a successful year.

Well … six months ago I may have been ‘a bit over all that prescriptive advice’; today, I’m absolutely REALLY over it!  I don’t want to know how to make the best coffee in 5 easy steps … I have a Nespresso, it does it for me.  I definitely don’t need to know 7 key things to find happiness … or 9 ways to feel satisfied … and I certainly don’t need to read the 7 habits that will make me more assertive!    

Would someone please tell the blog writer advisors out there to stop teaching new bloggers to write in numbered lists?  Please!  No more quick fix tips … as soon as I read numbers in the title, I DON’T open it!  
Ok … I get that it may be a helpful way for war and peace wafflers to become more concise, clear and quirky.  Yes, we are all busy and maybe some readers like fast answers with limited factual evidence, or the rigidity of ticking off prescribed lists to see how they measure up to someone’s alleged expert view on the topic. I’m not saying it’s wrong … just that there’s too much of same quick fix, market grab approach. 

Where’s the authenticity?  Where’s the personal story and wisdom that comes from experience?  Where’s the individual thinker who’s challenging the status quo? Because frankly, the numbers game status has lost its quo.

Now … I love Sheryl Sandberg’s answer to perfectionism – “Done is better than perfect”.  Yes, obviously my blog posts in recent months have neither been done or perfect.  Slap me! I’ve been busy writing workbook material and developing tailored frameworks and tools for my client organisations.

During my busy schedule, I do often think:  “I am so writing a blog on that” … then a little voice inside my head says:  “Does the social media world really need another blog post to scroll past this week?”

Maybe next week? Maybe I'll finish writing that half-done book instead :)

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